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MapQuest Route Planner 

MapQuest you can Get voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation with driving or walking directions are guided on MapQuest Route planner. Live life at the moment and have peace of mind knowing that uses up-to-date traffic data, with live updates and auto re-routing to help you arrive destination on time. Make the most of your day and activate the traffic layer directly from the home screen and see slowdowns, incidents, and cameras in the area. Impress your loved one by sharing your arrival time with an estimated time of arrival and location sharing featured by MapQuest route planner.

 The options in MapQuest available in Route Settings to help customize your route  :
  • For Maps, Driving Directions, Route planner and Mileage Visit mapquest
  • You can Switch distance units between Miles and Kilometers.
  • By using MapQuest you can avoid Toll Roads
  • By using this app Avoid Highways
  • You can also Avoid Ferries
  • Advantage of using MapQuest is that you can easily Avoid Seasonal Roads
  • You Can Avoid Time Restricted Roads
  • By using Avoid Route planner Country Borders

How To Get Route Planner For A Map With Mapquest

 When you are ready to go, you can click on the Get Directions icon.
When you are creating your own route using Route Planner, you can use MapQuest Route Settings to avoid specific road features and customize your route very easily.
To access these settings in your device, open the drop-down labeled with VIEW ROUTE SETTINGS icon. Click the pin next to each option to turn them on or off your settings. Have a lot of stops? Let MapQuest Route planner help to optimize your route!

After you have entered the address of your location, select “Allow us to re-order stops on your route” icon in settings, and choose to have your route improve by Shortest Time or Shortest Distance.

If you want to create a round trip by MapQuest, select Make this route a round trip pin available to ensure that your route is optimized in its completion. The Route Trip option will automatically add your first stop to the end of your route to bring you full circle by using MapQuest Route planner.

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Note: The first and last stops you enter are the points used to optimize your route. We won’t ever alter the starting or ending location when optimizing your route, just what’s in between!

How Can I Copy and Paste in My Route Stops?

Do you already have a list of addresses where you wanted to go? And you Need a quick way to add all of these stops to your MapQuest? then You are lucky if you have the addresses already available on your device then you can use copy and paste feature in MapQuest!

Here are the steps how to copy and paste addresses into Route Planner :

  1. Firstly Go to MapQuest
  2. Select Route Planner
  3. Now Click the Copy/Paste icon at the top.
  4. Now you can Enter one Address per line (You can enter a maximum of 26 chacracters in route planner by using copy and past.
  5. Click Get Directions icon in MapQuest
  6. Choose your route preferences and if you want to edit then you can edit by using your Route Settings and now click on View Route Directions icon.

If you have any trouble with copying/pasting your addresses into Route Planner after reading through these tips and instructions, feel free to reach us.