Where to Set Calculation of MapQuest Mileage

To enable the this IRS Reimbursement Rate for your routes then you have to follow this steps given below :

  1. Go to Map-Quest.co official website.
  2. Now Click on Route Settings available in settings menu.
  3. Click to pin switch which is next to Use IRS Reimbursement for Fuel and Mileage calculation is on the right side.
  4. And now Click on Apply Settings icon.

Once you’ve activated this feature on your device, you will see the IRS Reimbursement value on both your start and end Route Options page, and on the listed directions page.

Mapquest walking directions helps you to create walking map and view the directions
On  Route Planner, you must click on View Step-by-step Directions in order to see the IRS Reimbursement value of your traveling route.

Note : Special article featured on Pennlive [ Foiled by Mapquest: Worker fired for overstating her mileage can’t get unemployment comp ]

Advantages Of MapQuest Mileage :

MapQuest Only supported in the United States and Canada.Get where you need to go with the GPS and Navigation.Let learn about the calculating the MapQuest mileage whether it’s using turn-by-turn voice navigation for walking or map and driving directions or finding nearby points of interest, It has the tools you need to navigate your world as you see in the video tutorial below. You can use GPS as shown in video tutorial running in the background can initially decrease the battery life of your Android device.

  • Use advanced search to see contacts, recent searches, top categories and nearby POI to help you find your destination faster and Easy.
  • By MapQuest mileage calculation you can save money by comparing the prices of nearby gas stations.
  • Book nearby hotels directly from the MapQuest!
  • This Read the user’s contacts data.

You can have a route plan by checking out in which direction you would like to travel using Mapquest routeplanner

How does MapQuest Driving directions Calculate this IRS reimbursement rate for my routes?

Each year, the IRS releases an official rate (in cents per mile) for mileage reimbursement.

  • Click on the “Get Directions” button on the left of MapQuest driving directions.
  • Enter your starting and ending location addresses then click on “View Route Directions”.
  • Now Click on “Print” option.
  • To the left of the screen on your device, select “Directions List Only”option.
  • We do not need a printout of the location map At this point, you have the option to enter notes regarding the trip. It’s not necessary but an option in case there’s something you would like the business office to know.

When you’re ready to print, click the green “Print” button. Your Mapquest mileage calculation should look something like this. This format is easy to read and has all the required information in the top left corner. Providing a different format may cause delays in processing your paperwork due to missing information or legibility problems due to busy backgrounds.