How To Use Mapquest API

Mapquest API helps you to Build great location-based experiences and also free online web mapping service which helps your customers with MapQuest for Business geographical solutions like mapping, geographical, directions for your place and many more. You can simple Connect your business with mapquest using API. You can Build unique customer experiences. You can Get Your Free   API Key.

Steps To Use Mapquest API

Here are the steps to use and add more locations using Mapquest API. The process is very simple and you can use this by following the steps below.

  • First, you need to get key of mapquest’ so that you need to visit
  • Now Go to the Config tab for the new service and set the Base URL to
  • Under Parameters, click On the ‘+’ button and enter ‘key’ for Name and Add your mapquest API key for Value.
  • Make sure to check the checkbox and you need to select all five HTTP verbs so that your MapQuest API key is sent to the MapQuest Geocoding API for all requests.

Features Of Using Mapquest API:

Here are some of the best features of Using Mapquest API. Below are some of the exciting features which mapquest is providing for its API users.

  • Search Ahead is our predictive search engine, designed for use cases that involve autocomplete or type ahead functionality.
  • This Mapquest API also includes a leading platform that includes the developer tools, resources and many more.
  • Mapquest API offers two of the most popular types of spatial searches.
  • This also offers multiple result sorting methods for easy use.
  •  Implementing paging is very easy.

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Above article has the uses and features of Mapquest API. You can simply follow the above process for easy use. If you have any queries regarding this article you can simply comment below.

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